Boston Art Club Renovations

146 Boylston Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1872
Year Demolished: Before 1938

In 1872, Sturgis & Brigham designed a renovation to the Boston Art Club consisting of a gallery hall, measuring 70 x 25 feet. A contemporary Boston Globe article read:

“For the purpose of exhibitions, the facilities of the club have, thus far, been quite meagre, but the new plan includes a large hall built expressly for this purpose, lighted from the top, and provided with a large extent of wall for hanging pictures. This hall, which is located in the rear of the old building, is about 70 by 25 feet in the ground dimensions . . . .”

The article indicates that the Boston Art Club is located at 64 Boylston Street. In 1872, this was located across from the Boston Common, in about the location of present-day 146 Boylston Street. It seems that the numbers of Boylston Street were changed at some point.

This building was demolished sometime before 1938 and no pictures of the Sturgis and Brigham design are known to exist.


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