Charles Brigham Cottage

13 Winthrop Road
Shelter Island, N.Y.

Year Built: 1922
Year Demolished: Late 1960s

This house was owned by William Theodore Brigham (Charles’ brother) and then William son William Theodore Brigham, Jr. Charles used this as his summer home until he moved here permanently in 1922. In 1923, Charles designed renovations to the former studio, making it into a house likely for him own use and also designed a new landscape for the property. This house has been demolished.

During the Brigham family’s tenure, this property was known as Harbor Villa. Later, the property was purchased by a Judge Caldwell who owned the property until 1954. In that year, it was purchased by Mary Franzoni who operated the property as the Offshore Club.

This is Charles Brigham’s latest known architectural design, having been created almost four years after his retirement.


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Cottage is on the right

Cottage is on the right

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