Town Reservoirs

Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1870
Year Demolished: Unknown

In 1870 the Town of Watertown authorized $4,598.52 for the construction of three reservoirs for use by the fire department. Sturgis & Brigham was paid $25 for the design of these reservoirs.

These reservoirs would likely have been utilitarian structures, containing a substantial underground storage area (a well) and an access point above ground. The wells were able to hold about 45,000 gallons of water each. The reservoirs were located at Fayette Street at the head of Winter St.; Summer St. between Mount Auburn and Spring Sts.; and somewhere on Arsenal St.

The Beers Atlas of Middlesex Cty. (1874) shows both the Fayette St. and Summer St. reservoirs, but does not show the reservoir on Arsenal St. The Town Reports from 1870 identifies all of the reservoirs in town at the time. The atlas does show a reservoir on No. Beacon St. at Irving St., which is very close to Arsenal St., but this this location is not noted in the Town Reports. It is likely that the reservoir described in the Town Reports is actually the one on North Beacon St.


• Town Reports for the Year Ending February 10, 1871, Town of Watertown, pp. 26-27, 58 and 65.

• Beers Atlas of Middlesex County, Watertown, 1874


1874 Beers Atlas, Fayette St. at the head of Winter St.

1874 Beers Atlas, Summer St. between Spring and Mount Auburn Sts.

1874 Beers Atlas, North Beacon St. at Irving St.

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