E.R. Grabow Hotel

Beacon Street
Brookline, Mass.

Year Built: 1912

A report in the Hotel Monthly indicated that Brigham, Coveney & Bisbee was designing a 7-story hotel building on Beacon Street in Brookline in 1912 for the E.R. Grabow Hotel Company. It is unlikely that the hotel was never built.

A review of the hotels from the 1911 1914 Brookline Directory reveals that none were owned by the E.R. Grabow Hotel Company and the new hotels owned by others are confirmed to be designed by other architects. A review of deeds reveals that the E.R. Grabow Hotel Company or E.R. Grabow did not own property in Brookline during this time.

No plans are known to exist of this proposed design.


• The Hotel Monthly, Vol. 20, No. 232, July, 1912, p. 63, Brigham, Coveney and Bisbee noted.

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