Boston and Providence Railroad Depot Renovations

Park Square
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1883
Year Demolished: 1909

In 1883, Sturgis & Brigham designed renovations to a 2d floor restaurant in the depot. The building was built in 1872 and designed by Peabody & Stearns. This building ceased to be a train station in 1899 and was used for multiple purposes from 1900-1910, including an exhibition space, roller skating rink and a coliseum. It was demolished in 1909.

A contemporary article reported:

"This company does not confine its duties to the mere transportation of passengers, but endeavors to care for their comfort as well. In pursuance of this policy, sundry extensive improvements are being made in the Boston passenger station, which will make it one of the most convenient and comfortable buildings of its class for the uses of the traveling public. On the ground floor, various improvements have been made in the barber shop and lavatories, and on the second floor, over the café, an additional restaurant is being fitted up from designs by the architects Sturgis and Brigham, which will not be surpassed in luxury and elegance by any restaurant in Boston. From the large windows a beautiful view of the Public Garden is obtained, a fine elevator will convey passengers from the café below, and all that stained glass, carved woods, Chelsea tiles and sumptuous carpets, furniture and table service can do to make a place attractive will be at the disposal of those who take their meals therein."

No picture is known to exist of this design.


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