Mass. State House Bowdoin Gate

Beacon Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1902

In 1902, Charles Brigham designed a gateway for the Bowdoin street entrance to the statehouse, in the foreground of his State House extension. The design included a wall, gate post, gate and light fixture. Some elements, as ultimately executed, differ from the original plans, but the basic design is recognizable.

The original plans called for marble gate posts and small light fixtures to sit atop the post. As executed, the posts are granite and the fixtures are elongated. The wall was also to contain some marble elements, but they were executed in granite as well.

The area has been renovated but the gate posts are extant (although maybe moved), the lamps removed and it’s unclear if the walls and balusters have been removed.


• “Massachusetts State House Park: Revised Plan of Bowdoin Street Gate Posts,” February, 1902, Charles Brigham, State Library of Massachusetts, Plan #36, barcode 36855001115919.


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