Reversible Collar Co.

12-18 Arrow Street
Cambridge, Mass.

Year Built: 1892

This four story storehouse addition has a flat roof and was built in 1892. It has a brick 1st level and timber construction above. It is perpendicular of the rear of the 1889 4-story addition that fronts along Arrow Street. The Brigham addition can be best seen from the alley next to 27 Mount Auburn Street. Three of the four sides were built into existing buildings, leaving only the western façade visible.


• City of Cambridge, building permit, #3384, 1892; owner, Reversible Collar Co.

• “Real Estate,” Cambridge Tribune, Vol. XV, No. 6, April 23, 1892, p. 7. Permit 3384, Charles Brigham, architect, Reversible Collar Co., owner, W. Fillmore & Co., builder.

• “Building Notes,” Cambridge Tribune, Vol. XV, No. 29, September 24, 1892, pp. 2-3 (the passage is contained on page 3). Passage notes that the store house has been added.



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