Edmund Dwight Stable

9 Cambridge Street
Winchester, Mass.

Year Built: 1868-1869

Brigham designed a stable for Edmund Dwight.

In ca. 1940 the property was sold to Louis Chick', a Vice President of Lever Brothers. At that time the property was divided, with two acres remaining around the house. The stables were converted to a residence and sold as a separate parcel. The municipal boundary line between Arlington and Winchester divides this property and the Brigham-designed stable building is fully in Arlington although the property has a Winchester address. Arlington has issued the house a phantom Arlington address: 473 Mystic Street.

The current owner of the former stable has plans of the building showing what the stable originally looked like just before it was converted to a house in 1940.

Three letters between Brigham and partner John Hubbard Sturgis describe the design:

August 10, 1868 – Brigham to Sturgis
“I am making plans for a stable at Winchester for Mr. Edmund Dwight whom, I think, you must know.”

September 30, 1868 – Brigham to Sturgis (accounting of clients)
Edmund Dwight – Stable at Winchester - $150.00

March 1, 1869, Brigham to Sturgis.
“Mr. Dwight’s stable is finished. I did not superintend it and have not seen him lately but I understand that he is well pleased and that he is talking of making some alternations in his house.”


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