Benjamin F. Ricker House alterations

17 Malbert Road
Brighton, Mass.

Year Built: 1868

Charles Brigham designed alterations to Benjamin Rickerís house in the fall of 1868. The plans cost $45. At the time, Brigham felt that, although the job was small, it could lead to bigger jobs, including a proposed hotel in Brighton which Ricker and partner George Wilson were planning. They were owners of the Cattle Fair hotel and were considering a new hotel by the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Itís unclear what comprises Brighamís alterations, but it is likely the rear addition and perhaps more.


• Letters from Charles Brigham to John Hubbard Sturgis, September 30, 1868 and November 10, 1868, Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library.


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2011, rear

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