Plymouth Depot

20 North Park Avenue
Plymouth, Mass.

Year Built: 1869
Year Demolished: 1905

Charles Brigham designed a depot for the Old Colony and Newport Railroad in Plymouth in 1867 with alterations to the plans in 1868 due to reductions in the budget and was finally built in 1869. The building was originally to be made of brick but was later changed to wood for economy’s sake. Brigham indicated that the overall plan of the station was similarly arranged as Brigham’s Taunton Depot plans with tracks running through and the offices in a projection on one side.

The building was demolished in 1905 to make way for a newer rail station.

The building cost $10,000 and the commission for Sturgis & Brigham was $240. The station was finished by November 18, 1869.

Brigham wrote,

“The Plymouth Depot business is postponed until spring. The people could not and have not yet agreed upon the location. I hope the one for which the plans were made will be abandoned and a better one chosen. The fault was in the lowness of the land and a rising grade in front, so that as you approached you would look down upon the building which being but one story would perhaps have looked squatty. They say that they shall go ahead in the spring at any rate.”


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