Nahant Church

27 Cliff Street
Nahant, Mass.

Year Built: 1866

Charles Brigham submitted a design for a church in Nahant in 1866 but it was not selected. Ware & Van Brunt were the architects selected. This church is also called the Nahant Village Church, Union Church and Boston Church. Presently, the church is called the Nahant Village Church

Brigham wrote,

“The Nahant Society discussed affairs last Sunday. Mr. Codman tells me that they decided to build a new church at a cost not exceeding $12,000. He wishes me to send in a design but fears that the committee will not call upon me as some of them have their favorites. Also as he is not a proprietor, his influence though he will use it as far as possible, will not be very great. They would have given it to you had you remained. I shall make a design and let him use it as best he can.”

The plans are not known to survive.


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• Letter from John Hubbard Sturgis to Charles Brigham, 10/5/1866, Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library.

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