William R. Cole & Co. Store Renovations

30 S. Sharp Street
Baltimore, MD

Year Built: 1867
Year Demolished: Unsure of Date

Charles Brigham’s brother and a partner operated a store in Baltimore for which Brigham designed a renovation in 1867. This building has been demolished and there are no known pictures or plans that survive.

The design cost $160 which means that the renovation cost $3,200 to construct. The firm strongly believed that architects should receive a commission of 5% for their work. In the burgeoning field of architecture, commissions to architects were uncommon and/or low. Sturgis and Brigham and other architects formed trade groups to ensure that architects were properly paid for their work.

Brigham had hoped that this job would lead to others in Baltimore, but it doesn’t appear to have been so.


• Letters from Charles Brigham to John Hubbard Sturgis, 12/25/1866, 1/29/1867, 2/5/1867, 3/11/1867, 5/4/1867, 8/25/1867 and 9/30/1868, Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library.

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