Bureau of Charities and Temporary Home Boiler House

33-35 Chardon Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1869
Year Demolished: 1924

This design was part of the Bureau of Charities and Temporary Home complex but was an independent structure. It was likely a very plain and unornamented building. It was built in 1869 and likely demolished with the remainder of the complex in 1924. No pictures or plans are known to survive.

Of this building, Brigham remarked, “I am just about to make sketches for another small building in connection with the Charity Bureau—to contain a boiler, house for coats with room for soup distribution in the winter, kitchen, etc.”


• Letter from Charles Brigham to John Hubbard Sturgis, 8/18/1869, Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library.

• “Razing Chardon St. Home and Old Charity Building,” Boston Globe, September 19, 1924, p. 28a.

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