Bigelow Brothers & Kennard Building

Washington St. corner of West St.
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1866

Charles Brigham and John Hubbard Sturgis both created a design for this competition. The designs are not likely to have survived. The winner of the competition was Fehmer & Emerson.

Brigham reported that the client intended to spend $80 or $85,000 since they had only a lease of the land for 20 years and didn't wish to expend more that what they could get a return on. Brigham also indicated that the amount of money would not permit an elaborate design and that he would likely submit a design with a French roof.

Mr. Bigelow wished the front might to be of marble and also a return on the side which would also have corresponded with the two rear stores on West Street. The intermediate space was to be brick with stone trimmings. The staircase to the upper stories was to be on West Street.


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