Ogden Codman Building/Exchange Building

7 Exchange Place
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1873
Year Demolished: sometime before 1908

This building was built in 1873 and demolished sometime before 1908.

It was situated on the southerly side of Exchange Place and constructed of freestone from the New Brunswick quarries of two distinct shades of stone with the lighter stone predominating. It was constructed with a central pavilion, which was carried up to the roof and was finished with a gable of high pitch. The first story of the main pavilion was the main entrance which was set between substantial stone piers of alternate dark and light blocks. Between these, a semi circular arch with alternate dark and light voussoirs was constructed. The arch was supported at each side of the entrance by a polished marble column. In the second story of the pavilion there were two square-headed openings, the interior pier at each side was fronted by a polished marble column, and the pier between the openings was plain but finished with a carved capital. The third story windows were of similar construction, but were spanned by a segmental arch having voussoirs of two shades, this arch was sprung between the solid outer piers of the pavilion. In the fourth story, the center pier had a column of polished marble but there were none at the sides. Above this coupled opening, a semi circular arch was constructed in the stone work within the gable.

In the first story side sections were a round column fronting the middle pier. Above this on the face of the entablature was an ornamental corbel. The second story had a coupled window. The mullion of this was fronted by a double column, the shafts of which were polished mottled marble and the capital of a single block of carved freestone. The third story had a triple window with a single polished marble shaft in front of each mullion. The middle opening of the window was spanned by a single gothic arch. The main cornice was above the third story. It had several brackets in each side section but at the pavilion had only a double bracket at each outer pier. The fourth story of the side sections was finished in the same manner as 9-11-13 Exchange Place. Molded sill and belt courses were carried through the façade at the second and third stories.


• “Names of Owners, Occupants, etc.,” Boston Globe, November 13, 1873, p. 2.

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