West District School

Howard Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1871
Year Demolished: ca. 1913

Sturgis & Brigham designed an addition to the West District School in 1871 that comprised several classrooms in a new wing. Maps indicate that a 2-story addition was built off the southern side of this building, which does not appear in the first picture below. The design was a very simple cross gable structure that fit in unobtrusively with the overall structure. No pictures are known to exist of this design.

This building was demolished in about 1913.


• Sanborn Insurance Map, Watertown, Sheet 2, 1911 and Sheet 2, 1916

• Town Reports, Town of Watertown, Year ending February 10, 1872, pp. 34 and 37, Sturgis & Brigham, $160 alterations to the West District School


Photo taken from Howard Street looking toward Main Street, before new wing was added

1879 O.H. Bailey Birds Eye Map

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