Amory/Ticknor House

9-10 Park Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: ca. 1892

During construction of the extension of the Massachusetts State House and Fairhaven Town Hall, Brigham maintained an office in the Amory-Ticknor House at 22 Beacon Street. The building was built in 1804 by noted architect Charles Bulfinch for affluent merchant Thomas Amory. This building housed such dignitaries as French diplomat and patron of the American Revolution, General Lafayette, Samuel Dexter, Secretary of War as well as Secretary of the Treasury and acting Secretary of State, Governor Gore and many other distinguished statesman.

Brigham remodeled the building just after it was converted to commercial use in about 1892. It is unclear what work comprises Brigham’s renovation and whether it was carried out on the interior or exterior or both. No permit exists for this work.


• National Register of Historic Places Inventory – Nomination Form, Fairhaven Town Hall, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Item Number 8, Page 2, December 11, 1980.

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