Samuel Adams Elementary School

165 Webster Street
East Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1913

Built in 1910. This building was originally two stories and the top floor was added by Brigham, Coveney & Bisbee in 1913. The original ornamentation (cornices, pediments, et c.) were likely replicated at the top of the new floor. The rear of this school sits commandingly at the top of a hill overlooking Boston Harbor.

The school was built with red brick and red sandstone.


• “Descriptive Schedule of Active School Buildings, December 31, 1964,” City of Boston. (addition designed by Brigham, Coveney & Bisbee in 1913).

• “New School for the First Section, Boston Globe, December 21, 1909, p.8. (picture shows a two-story building).


Rear, 2007

Rear detail, 2007

Front, 2007

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