Albert C. Burrage Yacht Cabin, "the Aztec"

None, Mass.

Year Built: Unknown
Year Demolished: Unknown

Brigham designed a large circular cabin on the min deck of Burrage's yacht "the Aztec" that was used to house Burrage's library. The yacht was 256-feet. The military used this yacht during world war I. No pictures are known to exist of this design and it is unclear the date of this design. Presumably, the military’s use of the Aztec required the demolition of the design. It is also unclear whether the yacht is still in existence.


• Frank and Bill Moore, RDF, November 15, 1948

• "Charles Brigham's Albert C. Burrage Mansion, Redlands, California, 1900-1901" Frisch, Sheryl Candiss, June 1988, master's thesis, University of California at Riverside.




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