E. Rollins Morse Service House/Stable

347 Newbury Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1881
Year Demolished: ca.1900

This is a combination dwelling house and stable for E. Rollins Morse. It was demolished in about 1920 and sat near the corner of Newbury and Mass. Ave. on the north side of Newbury Street.

Interestingly, Sturgis & Brigham designed a house for E. Rollins Morse on Commonwealth Avenue in 1880. It is likely that the dwelling house and stable is a service building for the Morse family or their business interests.


• Building Permit, City of Boston, 7/7/1881, #129, Sturgis & Brigham (architects), E. Rollins Morse (owner), 341 Newbury Street, dwelling and stable.

• Visual analysis of 1888, 1908, 1912 and 1917 maps indicate that 347 Newbury Street is the same structure noted on the permit with the address 341 Newbury Street.




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