Charles H. Joy Country Estate, "Hillcrest View"

Shirley Street
Groton, Mass.

Year Built: 1885

Designed by Sturgis & Brigham sometime before 1889 and built by Whitcomb, who Brigham uses on a regular basis as a builder. The picture may or may not be the Sturgis and Brigham designed house, although it is of a house owned by Joy in Groton. Looking at the 1889 Walker Atlas, it looks like there are several houses on the property.


• Groton Directory, 1888, Shirley Street

• 1905 advertisement indicating that “Hillcrest View” was designed by Sturgis and the landscaping by Frederick Law Olmstead. This 1905 advertisement and the below 1899 advertisement is substantially similar.

• "The Grotonian;" The Groton School; June, 1899; p. 191. This 1899 advertisement and the above 1905 advertisement is substantially similar.

• "The Community: Groton, Massachusetts," Edward Adams Richardson, 1911, Joy house built in 1885.


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