William T. Brigham House

2001 McCulloh St.
Baltimore, Maryland

Year Built: 1879

This building is a brick three-story two-family townhouse, located on McCulloh Street at the corner of Presstman Street.

William Brigham was Charles Brigham's step brother and was owner of a straw hat firm in Baltimore, Brigham & Hopkins. A number of advertisements by the architect indicate that he designed residential building(s) in Baltimore and this was likely one of them. It does contain a number of design elements that Brigham sometimes used, including the portico-style porch, the round-top windows and the complex massing.

By 1897, William Brigham had moved to New York City.

Various maps identify the house with different numbers, including 346 McCulloh Street (1885 Bromley Atlas). The Baltimore City Directories consistently identify Brigham's address as 406 Presstman and there is no such number on any of these atlases. The address of the building today is 2001 McCulloh Street.

A contemporary article in the Baltimore Sun indicated that the house is a “handsome” dwelling and that it was composed of pressed brick, black joints, cheat river stone trimmings and fancy molded brick from the Peerless Brick Company of Philadelphia.


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