Antonio Costa Commercial and Residential Building

82-84, 86-88 North Beacon Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1911
Year Demolished: 1962

This was a 2 story building located at the corner of North Beacon and Irving Streets. It contained two stores on the ground level and two residences above. It was demolished in 1962 to make way for the Towne Inn Motel. Interestingly, the building shared the plot with another Brigham-designed building, the Thomas Gavin House at 66 Irving Street.

No pictures are known to exist of this building.


• Sanborn Insurance Map, 1904, sheet 12 (building not present); 1911, sheet 25 (building present); 1916, sheet 12 (building present and new addresses 82-84 and 86-88 noted with old addresses of 46-48 and 50-52 in parenthesis)

• Building Permit; Town of Watertown; July 25, 1911; #1034; Antonio Costa, owner; stores and residences; corner of Irving and North Beacon Streets; Brigham, Coveney & Bisbee.


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