Martha T. Favor House

11-13 Chauncey Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1889

Designed by Brigham & Spofford in 1889. This house was originally numbered 173 Mount Auburn Street, and then became 397 Mount Auburn Street on May 31, 1912. This house was moved in 1920 to make way for the large commercial block on the corner of Mount Auburn and Chauncey Streets, with this house moved to the rear of the lot and turned to face east.


• "Real Estate Matters," Watertown Enterprise, October 4, 1889, p. 3 (new road just built through Adams Estate and is ready for development. Two houses designed by Brigham & Spofford already built.)

• Sanborn Insurance Maps, 1916 (sheet 15) and 1923 (Sheet 15).

• Town of Watertown, Building Permit, May 3, 1920, building moved from 405-419 Mount Auburn Street to 11-13 Chauncey Street. Madiros Bedigian, owner.


1923 Sanborn Sheet 15.png



1916 Sanborn Sheet 15.png

Fairlawn Estate survey, 1898

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