Addition on Barn for Garage

171 Watertown St.
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1907
Year Demolished: unsure

An addition was made to the barn on this property for the purpose of adding garage space. This number of this property was 63 Watertown Street prior to May 31, 1912. No pictures are known to exist of this building. This building was demolished sometime after 1951.


• Watertown Directory, 1912 (E. Otis Jennison, 171 Watertown Street).

• Sanborn Insurance Map, Watertown, Mass, Sheet 1, 1951, various outbuildings present.

• Watertown Directory, 1905 (E. Otis Jennison, 63 Watertown Street).

• Building Permit, Town of Watertown, October 22, 1907, addition on barn for garage, 24 long, 12 feet wide, 18 feet high, 1, shingle, pitch roof, Brigham, Coveney & Bisbee.

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