Town Hospital

161 Orchard Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1874
Year Demolished: 1956

This building was built in 1874. It was numbered 105 Orchard Street prior to May 31, 1912. In 1931, this building was moved and became 59 Wilson Avenue, on what today is the park behind the James Russell Lowell School. The building was demolished in 1956.

The picture book of Watertown in the book series “Images of America,” incorrectly identifies the building pictured below as the Alms House. According to the 1875 Beers Map, the Alms House is across the street at the present-day location of the Department of Public Works.

The pictures of the plans below are from 1931 when the building was relocated to the Wilson Avenue site. In those plans, any architectural feature with an "E" is existing--all other features are being added.


• Atlas of Middlesex County, F.W. Beers, 1875, Watertown Plate (location of the Town Hospital is on Orchard Street near the location of the present-day James Russell Lowell School).

• Sanborn Map Company, 1928, Sheet 69, “Town Infirmary” present on site with the James Russell Lowell School.

• Town Report, Town of Watertown, 1874-1875, Auditor's Report, p. 35 (Sturgis & Brigham architects of new town hospital)

• “Additions and Alterations, Infirmary for Town of Watertown,” Clarence P. Hoyt, architect, Albert B. Franklin, engineer, June 25, 1931.


Courtesy, Watertown Free Public Library

Front Elevation, 1931, compare the existing and added elements with the picture above.

Rear Elevation, 1931

North Elevation, 1931

South Elevation, 1931

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