Connecticut State House

210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Conn.

Year Built: 1872

Plans were submitted in 1872 for a new Connecticut State House. The design was not selected.


• "Replication Replicated, or Notes on American Bastardy/Photographs of the Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford," G.L. Hersey, John T. Hill, Perspecta, Vol. 9, 1965, p. 221 (Sturgis & Brigham design submission).

• Architectural Sketchbook, 1875 (illustration of submitted plans)

• "William Burges, Francis Kimball and the Architecture of Hartford’s Trinity College," Christopher Drew Armstrong, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 59, No. 2, June, 2000, fn. 18 (Sturgis & Brigham design submission).


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