Hon. J. Manchester Haynes House

Augusta, Maine

Year Built: before 1892
Year Demolished: 1892

This house was built sometime before 1892 and was destroyed by fire in 1892.


• “Architecture of H.H. Richardson and His Contemporaries in Boston and Vicinity: 1972 Annual Tour,” Society of Architectural Historians, Philadelphia, 1972, Margaret Henderson Floyd, (Brigham & Spofford, J. Manchester Haynes House, Augusta, Maine, 1888)

• Selections from an Architect’s Portfolio: John C. Spofford, 1894 (J. Manchester Haynes House, Brigham & Spofford).

• “John C. Spofford” Boston of To-day, Richard Herndon, Post Publishing, Boston, 1892, pp. 401-402 (“Brigham & Spofford are also the architects of . . . the residence of J. Manchester Haynes in Augusta.”).

• "Maine Men in Boston; John C. Spofford the Well-Known Young Architect," Lewiston Sunday Journal, December 10, 1892, page 10.


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