S.S. Howland House (Belwood)

3551 E. Groveland Rd.
Mt. Morris, N.Y.

Year Built: 1886

Charles Brigham designed a house and stable for S.S. Howland. The building has likely been substantially modified based on the lack of architectural detail. During this period, Brigham used varying elements from different styles to create an innovative and unique design. Especially in an area for which he had few designs, he would seemingly want to design a building that would advertise his skills and abilities.

It is unclear whether the gate house pictured below is also a design of Charles Brigham.


• "Charles Brigham," MacMillan Encyclopedia of Architects, Adolph Placzek, entry written by Margaret Henderson Floyd, 1982, p. 288-9 (S.S. Howland House, "Bellwood," Mt. Morris N.Y., 1886-1888, Charles Brigham architect).

• John Hubbard Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library, client list, 7/31/1886, S.S. Howland noted as a client of Charles Brigham.

• Amie Alden, Livingston County Historian, Livingston, New York

• John Hubbard Sturgis Diary, 1886, June 2, 1886 entry that Brigham is in Mount Morris, N.Y. and returned June 5, 1886, Sturgis Papers, Boston Athenaeum Library



Gate House


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