Maynard Block/Masonic Block

690-700 Main Street
Waltham, Mass.

Year Built: 1891
Year Demolished: 1978

This building was built in 1891 and was demolished in 1978. It was an interesting combination of Colonial Revival and Romanesque. The building was flat-roofed with a façade of pressed brick and a refined and elegant ornamentation, including terra cotta molded brick. The second floor windows were Palladian and the broken pediment over the last window evokes the Colonial Revival. Subtle in its monochromatic ornament, the building was quietly striking.


• "Selections from an Architect’s Portfolio: John Spofford," 1894, Maynard Block, Brigham & Spofford noted. This book is on file at Historic New England.

• "Local News," Watertown Enterprise, September 25, 1891, p. 1 ("Brigham & Spofford have recently finished the plans for the Maynard Block, to be built on Main street, Waltham.")

• Massachusetts Historical Commission, “Form B,” Jean Berry, surveyor, May, 1978.

• Berry, Jean, “The Old Bricks of Waltham,” May, 1978, pp. 62.

• Watertown Enterprise, July 24, 1891, "The Waltham Tribune announces a rumor that a new brick building is to be erected on Main Street, Waltham, near the new Methodist Church, and that Messrs. Brigham & Spofford are the architects."

• Bacon, George F., "Waltham and Watertown: Their Representative Business Men and Points of Interest," New York, 1893 (picture).


1978, courtesy Waltham Public Library

1978, courtesy Waltham Public Library

1978, courtesy Waltham Public Library



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