Coddington School

26-44 Coddington Street
Quincy, Mass.

Year Built: 1908

This building was built in 1908 and is on the National Register of Historic Places and within a local historic district.

The Coddington School is a Colonial Revival building. It is a three-story brick structure, rectangular in plan, although the composite hip roof gives it a squarish block appearance. The primary fašade is dominated by a hipped-roof pavilion projecting slightly from the main block. This section consists of five window bays with pairs of six-over-six rectangular windows at the first and second-story levels, and arched windows on the third floor. The central entrance is framed within a granite arch and topped by a bracketed balcony.


• Local Historical District

• National Register


• Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System, Massachusetts Historical Commission, Inventory No. QUI.198 (Coddington School, 1908, Charles Brigham, architect).

• National Register of Historic Places, 9/20/1989, Charles Brigham, architect, National Park Service #89001323.

• National Register of Historic Places, Form 10-800a, Quincy Multiple Resource Area.


ca. 2000

2008 - 1st Floor Hall

2008 - 1st Floor Hall

2008 - 1st Floor Hall Door Detail

2008 - Rear Door Vestibule

2008 - Stairwell

2008 Coddington Front Door Detail

2008 - Front

2008 - Front Detail

2008 - Front More Detail

2008 - Side

2008 - Side Detail

2008 - Rear

2008 - Rear Door Detail

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