Museum of Fine Arts

Copley Square
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1872
Year Demolished: 1909

This building was designed in 1870, built from 1871-1876 and demolished in 1909 to make way for the Copley Plaza Hotel. This was the first public building in the United States to be designed using terra cotta and the first gothic building in the world to be created using this material.

Other bidders for this commission were Ware & Van Brunt, Peabody & Stearns and Bradlee & Harmon.


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ca. 1875

Building as originally designed but not executed. Perspective is from the corner of St. James and Dartmouth.

Right-side relief on front of building. This depicts "Art & Industry."

Left-side relief on front of building. This depicts "Genius of Art."

Left Side relief . This depicts "Genius of Art."

View Looking West

After 1878 additions

Architectural Sketch Book

Architectural Sketch Book

From the east side

Close up of left-side relief . This depicts "Genius of Art."

American Architect and Building News, April 13, 1878

ca. 1895, after 1878 additions

MFA before 1878 additions

MFA before 1878 addition

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