Robert Codman House

17 Brimmer Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1882

This four-story brick and stone townhouse was completed in 1883. On the front façade, the basement wall, which is elevated about half a story, is composed of cut stone ashlar, and the first story has rough-faced stones except around the arched windows and door, which has smooth stone gibbs-surround. The two windows contain casement sashes and the doorways a pair of doors with round windows. The tall half-round arches contain transoms. The upper three stories are finished with brick laid in a common bond, and there are three windows on each story. Windows on the second and third stories have stone lintels and sills, with the lintels embellished only with a thin top molding. A stone belt traverses the façade just above the third story windows. The fourth story windows are smaller and lack the embellishment on their stone lintels. A shallow terra cotta cornice decorates the edge of the pitched roof, in which one dormer is centered. The rear façade has a four-story bow-front bay and a mansard roof. As this building was originally built adjacent to the Charles River sea wall, it would have had a commanding and spacious view of the river.


• Local Historical District

• National Landmark Historical District


• Beacon Hill Historic District, 1955

• National Landmark Historic District, #66000130, 1966

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2010, rear

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