Clarence A. Dow House

451 Beacon Street
Boston, Mass.

Year Built: 1882

This building was designed by Sturgis & Brigham and built in 1882 and is part of the Back Bay Historic District and a National Register Historic District.


• Local Historical District

• National Register District


• Building Permit, City of Boston, 10/2/1882, #175, Clarence A. Dow (owner), Sturgis and Brigham (architects), 451 Beacon Street.

• “Architecture of H.H. Richardson and His Contemporaries in Boston and Vicinity: 1972 Annual Tour,” Society of Architectural Historians, Philadelphia, 1972, Margaret Henderson Floyd, (Sturgis & Brigham, 451 Beacon Street, C.A. Dow House, 1882)

• Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System, Massachusetts Historical Commission, Inventory No. BOS.3007 (C.A. Dow House, 451 Beacon Street, 1882, Sturgis & Brigham, architects).

• Back Bay Historic District, 9/3/1966.

• Back Bay National Register Historic District, 8/14/1973, National Park Service #73001948.





2010, front door

2010, rear

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