Watertown Town Seal

Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: ca. 1870

Brigham designed the Watertown Town Seal with Newton historian Jesse Fewkes in ca. 1870.

The seal commemorates the May 1630, party led by Roger Clap landing on the steep banks of Charles River at a point near the present site of Perkins School for the Blind. In his diary, he tells of the first encounter with the Pequossette Indians. The Indians approached Clapís landing party with a large bass and were given a biscuit in exchange by the settlers. Soon after, Clapís group left, at Governor Winthropís order, to settle in Dorchester where it was thought the land was better for cattle.

The outer circle contains the town motto, "In Pace Condita," (founded in peace).


• Town Reports, Town of Watertown, Year ending February 10, 1872, Treasurer's Report, p. 36 (Charles Brigham).


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