Aetna Mills (Bemis) School

Waltham Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1873
Year Demolished: ca. 1930

This was originally the Aetna Mills School and built in 1873. It became the Bemis School in 1886. It was demolished in ca. 1930.


• Sanborn Map, Town of Watertown, 1928, Sheet 86 (Bemis School present).

• Town Reports, Town of Watertown, 1873, Auditorís Report, p. 26 (Sturgis & Brigham, $153.75).

• Watertown Directories, 1884 and 1889 (Name of school changed from Aetna Mills to Bemis).

• Beers Atlas of Middlesex County, Watertown, 1875 (Aetna Mills School, Bridge and Waltham Streets).

• Town Reports, Town of Watertown, 1886, Superintendentís Report, p. 26 (Aetna Mills School renamed "Bemis School" in honor of a well-known family of the vicinity. See footnote also).

• Watertown Directory, 1930, p. 401 (Bemis School listed).

• Watertown Directory, 1931 (Bemis School not listed).

• Sanborn Map, Town of Watertown, 1923, Sheet 32 (Bemis School present).


1898 O.H. Bailey "Bird"

1923 Sanborn Map

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