(Old) Sacred Heart Church

776 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1893
Year Demolished: 1912

Built in 1893 and destroyed by fire in 1912. The new Sacred Heart Church that replaced this building was also designed by Brigham.


• Blessing of Our New School and Jubilee of Our Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish, December, 1930.

• "Will be Completed Next January," Boston Globe, July 13, 1912, p. 8 (original edifice destroyed by fire in February [1912])

• Sacred Heart Parish Centennial Celebration, Watertown, Mass. 1993, pp. 3, 8-9.

• "Church of the Sacred Heart," Watertown Enterprise, September 1, 1893, p. 7 (Charles Brigham is the architect).


Rear of church from Belmont Street

The church is on the right

This image of the church was published in the Watertown Tribune-Enterprise on August 18, 1905. Interestingly, it shows a tower that was never built, but must have been part of an original design.

Watertown Tribune-Enterprise, January 12, 1912, page 1

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